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Intentional Leadership = clarity (knowing clearly where you want to go) + intentionality (taking consistent action to get there). Clarity without consistent action is daydreaming. Consistent action without clarity is wasted time and effort.

Just as the tools of successful mountaineering have changed and improved over time, so have the requirements of intentional leadership. Based on 33 years of working with organizations globally, teaching leaders and observing powerful shifts, Mark has identified three essential areas of focus for leaders in the world:
  • Inspiration: motivation to the power of purpose
  • Culture: creating an engine that sustains vision and values while achieving desired results
  • Emotion: designing and delivering positive emotions for customers and employees

In this program, Mark explains how five very different businesses use clarity of purpose and consistent action to flourish in their given fields. He shows how they have harnessed and successfully employed the three essentials in their practices and how it is possible to improve your own business dramatically by learning from these real-world examples.

“The Intention Imperative” is a practical, proven and engaging presentation based on the latest and best of Mark’s thinking.