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Choose a hospitality keynote speaker for your hospitality event...

… who combines wit and understanding with education and insight to produce a high-impact, motivating keynote speech.

Mark Sanborn creates instant rapport, sets people at ease, and lays a solid foundation for your total event, whether it’s a single-night gala, a one-day symposium or a multi-day conference.

Mark is a proven leadership expert and best-selling author who brings a depth and breadth of experience to his work. He delivers his addresses in a thought-provoking and engaging style, capturing interest, holding attention, and inspiring trust.

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As keynote speaker, Mark customizes his addresses to your specific hospitality company. His presentations reflect a knowledge and understanding of your company ethos, distinctions, achievements, and challenges.

Mark understands what the hospitality industry faces: cutthroat competition and unlimited consumer choice. He knows that the industry must constantly innovate and re-invent in order to stay relevant and enjoy continued growth. He takes this knowledge and combines it with thorough research into your company to deliver a presentation that is right on the mark for your participants.

The careful preparation Mark carries out for your event results in solidarity and connection with your attendees; it enhances and energizes audience participation. He “gets it.”

This identification with your participants creates an environment of trust which paves the way for a commanding delivery. Mark does this with humility and humor and the result is a powerfully inspiring keynote address.

Visit Mark’s extensive video library to get a taste of his presentation style and content. Then call us or use the Contact Us form to inquire about Mark’s availability to keynote your upcoming event.