Leading the Future Now

How to Engage and Inspire Today’s Workforce for Greater Impact

You probably think COVID changed the world, and in many ways it did. But what COVID really did is accelerate the future. Many of the changes leaders face today were inevitable: they were almost all on the horizon, but a global pandemic brought them to the forefront earlier and all at once.

That means that the future workforce is here now, yet many leaders are unprepared. While core leadership principles never change, leadership practices do. In this presentation based on proprietary research, Mark Sanborn shares powerful insights and workable practices that your
leaders need to succeed in today’s world.

Key points in this program:

  • How to change your business and your life by changing the questions you ask
  • Why “anxious hopefulness” is one of the most important challenges to a leader’s thinking
  • There is a myth that “you can’t over-communicate.” (You can, and it decreases effectiveness. Learn the strategic alternative.)
  • What to do about remote workers is a secondary issue. The big issue isn’t just where – but when and with whom your team works.
  • Why giving someone a raise isn’t enough if you don’t give them a reason
  • The two unlearned skills that trump planning and process
  • How to refocus so you increase fast adoption of new behaviors and practices
  • The one thing ALL successful leaders have in common

Based on one of the few, comprehensive research projects about leadership during the COVID crisis, Mark has unique insights grounded in fact, rather than just anecdote and observation.

If your leaders are thinking and acting like they did before the pandemic, you are limited in the success you can achieve going forward.

This presentation will help you reset thoughts and behaviors to create new results in a new world of opportunity.