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The best businesses combine high regard and respect for colleagues with a high commitment to results. That’s what The Five Friends is about.

All of us in The Five Friends have been long time friends. We’ve all known each other for 20 plus years. We share similar interests, professions and hobbies. Importantly, we share a deep respect for each other’s work even though we each bring very different styles and skills to the table.

A few years ago our shared love of bourbon found us on a short getaway following the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky, and at some point we decided that it would be fun to collaborate on a biweekly blog. We’d each have 200 words to comment on a topic the group chose.

The perspectives of five different speakers, authors, consultants and coaches would be diverse, and maybe sometimes opposing, but for us enjoyable and for our clients, we hoped, instructive.

The written word soon turned into the spoken word when we decided to video blog. We learned from each other, challenged each other’s thinking, shared comments from our respective readers and brainstormed how we might continue to collaborate for more fun and profit, both for us and our clients.

The popularity of The Five Friends collaboration resulted in the launching The Five Friends Business Summit, an annual event and opportunity for ongoing training with the five of us. For more information on that event, go to

We enjoy both the collegiality and collaboration so much, and believe current and future clients can benefit from going deeper with the ideas we’ve developed individually and collectively.

This eBook is a compilation of some of our best writing and thinking. We hope you’ll enjoy it, but more importantly, hope you’ll benefit from applying the lessons you learn.

Insights to Business and Life